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Built by people with a heart for gaming

Discord, Screenshare, YouTube, Notepad, Pen Tool - we noticed there are too many tools to work with to review and share gameplay. is all about making it easier for you to spend less time opening, inviting, and coordinating a review session. We want to give you more time analyzing key moments, and replaying that moment you jumped off the map.

Built by people with a heart for gaming

Who We Are

We’re a small group of gamers, nerds, engineers, designers, and proud feeders. We love hosting 5v5s at lunch and occasionally teaching each other new mechanics to share our passion for the game. Our team is committed to making Insights a representative of what the gaming community wants to use.

We love what we do.

Our team's collective experiences have led us to all avenues of gaming, from amazing LAN parties to running top esports teams. We hone our passion into every line of code to create an experience that's loved by you.

Our Mission

To help every gamer reach their true potential (over 9000) Casual and pro alike, we create simple apps that run in the background so you can focus on what's important: gaming. At the end of every match, we provide you the ability to critique and share your awesome gameplay with others.


Great ideas and design almost always comes from collaboration. Just as Insights was designed with collaboration in mind, we bring our best, work with trust, and encourage collective contributions.

Innovate & Execute Quickly

We experiment with ideas and look for gamers’ painpoints. Using impactful data, we commit to doing things fast, without compromise.

Join Our Team

We’re a small team of gaming enthusiasts based in Vancouver, Canada. Become part of our passionate group of gamers building innovative products.

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