How to record Call of Duty: Warzone?

Insights Team
Insights Team
September 19, 2023

COD: Warzone was published in the first quarter of 2020 and reached over 50 million downloads in the month following its release. Call of Duty Warzone recording quickly became every aspiring gaming content creator’s favorite pastime activity, and for a very good reason. Up to this day, it has a thriving community of active players, streamers, and fans all over the world.

As a sequel to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it was developed as Activision’s second attempt to establish their foothold in the thriving market of battle royale FPS games. It managed to successfully introduce some fresh game mechanics to arguably the most popular online multiplayer first-person shooter genre.

How to record Call of Duty: Warzone using Insights Capture?

Call of Duty: Warzone gameplay is pretty complex, and whether you’re an aspiring pro who wants to share the game knowledge with a broader audience or a humble beginner seeking to improve by watching your replays, installing an easy-to-use game recorder is always a solid idea. Unlike improving your COD record, setting up Insights Capture is a fairly straightforward task if you follow a couple of simple steps.

Step 1

After downloading and installing Insights Capture, follow the instructions and customize the recording quality settings. You can still make awesome videos without losing FPS, even on an older PC. Choose the video library folder to store your recordings in and set the storage limit. Feel free to modify your initial selections within the Settings menu, explore further customization possibilities, and adjust the default keybindings as you deem appropriate.

Step 2

Run Insights Capture before starting the game. You’ll notice the overlay in the top right while playing, indicating that the game recorder is active if you’ve left the auto record enabled while performing your initial setup.

Step 3

There are three ways of capturing gameplay footage with this easy-to-use recording software.

  • Pressing the hotkey to start/stop recording (F7 default hotkey)
  • Instant Replay (F6 default hotkey) — capture the previous number of seconds of gameplay. You can enable this feature in the Settings menu and also adjust the duration of the instant replay clip. You never know when a great play may occur, and this tool allows you to back up your proficiency with strong evidence. No luck, just skill!

Step 4

It’s time to make some epic plays! The in-game overlay in the top right corner of your screen will signal that the recording has started. You can always start or stop the recording using hotkeys.

Step 5

Once you close the game, the Insights Capture dashboard opens automatically. You can turn this feature off in the App tab of the Settings menu. The most recent video you’ve made will be played when you return, and you can access the dashboard by hitting the default Alt+H hotkey.


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