How to record GTA 5?

Insights Team
Insights Team
September 19, 2023

With GTA 6 announced to be the most expensive game ever made just around the corner, there’s still a vast community of players making GTA 5 clips daily. Arguably the most recognizable installment of the open-world gaming franchise reportedly made a mind-boggling 8.33 billion dollars in ten years following its release in 2013 and is still going strong.

The key factor that paved the way for the franchise’s long-term success is the revolutionary take on what having fun in-game should be all about. GTA 5 gameplay doesn’t hold your hand, so you’re free to explore the vast world, and there are very few limits to what you could possibly do.

How to record Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay?

To make videos of GTA 5 gameplay on PC, you must use third-party screen recording software. Insights Capture offers a great combination of easy-to-use editing tools, plenty of customization options, and a couple of methods of capturing the highlight moments in your favorite game. If you’re an aspiring content creator or just want to share funny moments with your gamer friends, all you need to do to start recording is follow a couple of simple steps. 

Step 1

Start with downloading and installing Insights Capture. Follow the instructions and customize the recording settings according to your PC specs. Then, designate a folder that will store your videos. Don’t forget you can also set the storage limit. If you want to make changes, just head to the Settings menu.

Step 2

Start the game while Insights Capture runs in the background. While playing, if you’ve enabled auto-record during your initial setup, you’ll see an overlay in the top right corner indicating that game recording is active.

Step 3

Now, there are three ways of capturing gameplay footage:

  • Pressing the hotkey to start/stop recording (F7 default hotkey)
  • Instant Replay (F6 default hotkey) — you can utilize this feature to capture the gameplay from a specified number of seconds before its activation. Something amazing happened in-game nobody would believe unless they’ve witnessed it with their own eyes? Hitting that hotkey will back your story up!

Step 4

You’re good to go! The in-game overlay at the top right corner of your screen will indicate that the recording is now in progress. You can easily initiate or stop it using hotkeys.

Step 5

Once you close GTA 5, the Insights Capture dashboard will open automatically. If you prefer not to have this happen, you can disable this feature in the “App” section of the Settings menu. When you return, the most recent video you’ve created will begin playing, and you can access the dashboard at any time by pressing the default Alt+H hotkey.


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