How to record osu!?

Insights Team
Insights Team
May 28, 2024

This incredible rhythmical music game is played by pro gamers and competitive players around the world for a couple of reasons. It’s very challenging but also extremely fun, and it offers a great method to warm up before your competitive gaming sessions.

Playing it will improve your fine motor skills greatly, and if you remain diligent enough to become proficient at it, you’ll probably want to learn how to record osu! replays so you can share your epic mouse-handling skills with friends or a broader audience. Remember, though, that executing your task perfectly is quite challenging, even on the simplest of tracks.

How to record osu!?

If you’re trying to make a good osu! recording, you’ll have to use third-party software for this purpose. With a variety of free gameplay recorders readily available, sometimes it’s hard to decide which one suits your needs the most. Insights Capture features a great interface design, easy-to-use editing tools, a couple of gameplay recording methods, and plenty of customization options to accommodate aspiring content creators with varying PC configurations. 

Step 1

To begin, start by downloading and installing Insights Capture. Follow the provided instructions and tailor the recording settings to match your PC's specifications. This software is designed to offer dependable recording solutions for a wide range of setups, acknowledging that not everyone has access to high-end PCs. Even if your computer is somewhat older, you can still create impressive videos without sacrificing frame rate or overloading your CPU. Select the folder for your video library to store your recordings and set the storage limit.

Step 2

Start the game with Insights Capture running in the background. While playing, if you've kept the auto-record feature enabled during the initial setup, you'll see the overlay in the top right corner, confirming that game recording is currently in progress.

Step 3

This user-friendly recording software offers two methods for capturing gameplay footage:

  • Hotkey Recording: You can use the default hotkey F7 to manually start and stop recording at your convenience.
  • Instant Replay (F6 Default Hotkey): Capture the gameplay from the X seconds just before activation. You can enable this feature in the Settings menu and customize the duration of the instant replay clip, spanning from 15 seconds to 10 minutes.

Step 4

You are now in the recording mode! Keep an eye on the in-game overlay at the top right corner of your screen; it indicates that the recording has commenced. You have the flexibility to start or stop the recording at any time using hotkeys.

Step 5

Upon closing osu!, the Insights Capture dashboard will open automatically. If you prefer to disable this feature, you can do so in the “App” section of the Settings menu. Upon your return, the most recent video you've created will play, and you can access the dashboard by simply pressing the default Alt+H hotkey.


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