How to record Roblox?

Insights Team
Insights Team
September 19, 2023

You could think of Roblox as a free-to-explore virtual space with thousands of uniquely designed mini-games of all genres available. In the span of 15 minutes, you can try out a couple of games available and figure out what you enjoy, and for aspiring programmers, it also offers free development tools with extensive guides included.

This concept made the game extremely popular, especially with the younger audience. A whopping 50% of children in the US under the age of 16 are actively playing this game and also developing new gaming universes.

Whether you want to make your own game in Roblox and share it with a targeted audience or simply share your gameplay with others, you must first learn how to record Roblox using third-party software.

How to record Roblox gameplay videos?

To make videos featuring interesting and funny bits of the gameplay, it’s often necessary to use third-party recording software. Roblox recording with Insights Capture is made easy — it won’t put much strain on your CPU, and the video editing tools are intuitive and easy to use. There are several gameplay recording options available for any given situation, all the videos are stored in the designated video library folder, and there are plenty of clip quality customization options. You won’t have much trouble getting into it if you just follow our simple step-by-step guide.


Step 1

Begin by downloading and installing Insights Capture as your first step. Follow the provided instructions to customize the recording settings to match your PC specifications. This software accommodates various setups, making it accessible for those without high-end PCs.

Step 2

Launch your game with Insights Capture running in the background. As you play, observe the overlay in the top right corner, confirming that game recording is active if you’ve enabled auto-record during the initial setup.

Step 3

Our user-friendly recording software offers three methods for capturing gameplay footage:

  • Hotkey Recording (F7 Default Hotkey): Initiate or stop recording manually using the default F7 hotkey.
  • Instant Replay (F6 Default Hotkey): Capture gameplay from the X seconds preceding activation. You can customize this feature’s duration in the Settings menu.

Step 4

You are now recording! The in-game overlay in the top right corner of your screen serves as confirmation that recording has begun. To stop recording, press the same hotkey to record (F7 by default) and you can immediately watch the recorded video on Insights Capture where you can edit your clips.


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